How Has the Pandemic Affected Commercial Litigation?

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented a number of challenges for law offices. Some have seen a decline in commercial litigation cases, while others have seen a sharp increase in lawsuits over restaurant closures and business restrictions. Others have found it difficult to maintain a working relationship with their clients when they can’t meet face-to-face. Overall, the pandemic has forced many law offices to rethink the ways that they do business.

More Video Calls and Fewer In-Person Visits

To maintain social distancing protocols, many law offices have started talking to their clients over the phone and through video conferences instead of meeting in-person. While video chats give lawyers the opportunity to meet with their clients and discuss the case at hand, many lawyers have found it difficult to build personal relationships with their clients when they’re separated by a computer screen.

Some offices have actually seen an increase in clients during the pandemic. In the past, many potential clients never got the chance to file a lawsuit because they couldn’t take time off work or commute to the nearest attorney’s office. Video chats are much more convenient and can be held from the comfort of a client’s own home. As a result, some people are pursuing cases that they wouldn’t otherwise have been able to.

Cases Are Simultaneously Decreasing and Increasing

Many offices have seen a decrease in their number of clients. Some clients are putting off their lawsuits until the pandemic is over, while others don’t realize that their nearby law offices are still open and functioning. Court closures and other issues have also made it difficult to pursue legal action during the pandemic.

Some offices, on the other hand, are seeing an increase in commercial litigation cases. Many employers are allegedly denying their employees the chance to take leave or work from home, resulting in employment lawsuits. Some restaurants and businesses are also suing local governments over mask mandates and shut-down orders. They claim that they’ve lost business as a result of the pandemic regulations, which makes it difficult to earn a living.

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