Love Is in the Air: All About Prenuptial Agreements

While prenuptial agreements might not seem to be romantic, for many couples, they are an important part of the process of getting engaged and married. Although some may view prenuptial agreements as being the exact opposite of being in love, there’s no denying they can provide both parties with security and peace of mind before tying the knot.

Marriage Is an Evolution

Most marriages do not remain static—they change and evolve. Having a prenuptial agreement in place creates a bedrock foundation that both parties involved understand and agree to. With a prenuptial agreement, there is no uncertainty about how to handle affairs in the future if the marriage might not be working out.

Emotional Peace of Mind

Prenuptial agreements provide peace of mind for both parties. If one partner has acquired a substantial amount of money prior to the marriage, the prenuptial agreement might state that certain financial considerations are untouchable. If another partner may not have as great a financial stake in the marriage, a prenuptial agreement often acts as a way of showing outsiders to the marriage that the relationship is based on genuine love and affection rather than on potential monetary gains. 

Estate Planning

Another area where prenuptial agreements can prove to be useful is in the area of estate planning. A couple can sit down with an attorney and decide which assets will be listed as separate property and which assets fall under the heading of shared property. Without a prenuptial agreement in place, a divorce can be unnecessarily complicated when it comes to the area of dividing up your estate.

At Hoover Slovacek, we understand how stressful and sensitive planning out a prenuptial agreement can be—which is why we’re here to help. Thomas J. Herter III, one of the 2016 Texas Rising Stars Super Lawyers, can sit down with you and explain in detail precisely what benefits will be obtained when you have a prenuptial agreement and provide all parties the peace of mind the agreement can provide.


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