The attorneys at Hoover Slovacek LLP share a general focus in real estate law litigation and mediation. With offices in Austin and Houston TX, our attorneys also possess more specialized knowledge of several related areas of law, including:

You can trust our real estate attorneys to address issues with oil and gas rights, ad valorem taxation, and landlord-tenant relationships in TX including Houston and Austin.

We strive for the best possible outcome for our clients - either a satisfactory settlement or a favorable judgment in a court of law. No matter how far we need to pursue your case, our attorneys are professionals who are equally comfortable and experienced representing clients in federal, state, county or small claims court. Our entire legal and administrative staff makes customer service a top priority, so you can count on being well-informed during every phase of representation.

The legal staff at Hoover Slovacek has access to the most advanced technology available for information gathering, research and communications. We are electronically linked to clients, courts and research databases; we also maintain our own extensive library of legal materials in both print and digital format. In addition, we have the fastest available Internet access to virtually any legal or business resource in the world. All of these advancements result in more rapid service to clients with a reduction in cost and paper flow.

To learn more about what our attorneys at Hoover Slovacek LLP can do for your legal concerns, call our Houston, Texas office at (713) 977-8686.

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