Entertainment Law Firm in Houston

At Hoover Slovacek, our entertainment attorneys represent clients in transactional and litigation matters involving business and intellectual property laws in both traditional and digital concerns within the entertainment industries.

This includes music, film, television, concerts, live theater, publishing, music recording, live concerts, books, online media and magazine publishing, social media, Internet and high technology, motion pictures, television, radio, agents, managers, websites and software.

Our music entertainment law firm is equipped to represent singers, composers, singer-songwriters, lyricists, recording artists as well as recording studios, music publishers, website music streamers and record labels.

Our live performance law firm represents actors, artists, singers, playwrights, choreographers, set designers, performing, composers, lyricists, writers, producers, production companies and broadcasters.

Our book, online media and publishing law firm is engaged in the representation of writers, poets and publishers under the copyright, trademark and business laws to build a print business while pivoting to a more digital future. We are familiar with the laws governing and practices of digital printing, self-publishing, events, paid content, repurposing content, content marketing, native advertising, video and e-commerce.

Our entertainment attorneys provide transactional services including:

  • Negotiate and draft recording contracts,
  • Prepare publishing contracts,
  • Draft music licenses,
  • Create performance licenses,
  • Draft royalty agreements,
  • Prepare personality rights and licenses,
  • Counsel clients on extending and safeguarding their brands through licensing, sponsorship and endorsements of events, products, services and websites.
  • Clear and register copyright for manuscripts, compositions, sound recordings,
  • Clear new names of artists, musician and performing groups and register trademarks in their names as well as for promotional merchandise and advertising
  • Negotiate and draft television appearance and endorsement arrangements, and
  • Negotiate and draft other commercial agreements.

Our entertainment attorneys provide litigation services including:

  • Litigate and arbitrate breach of contract claims, intellectual property rights violations, artist defamation, and misappropriation of artist name and likeness claims
  • Send demand letters for recovery and payment of royalties and sums due under contracts
  • Prosecute and defend litigation claims in state and federal courts through trial and appeal

Hoover Slovacek LLP’s Entertainment Law Attorneys


For more than 50 years, individuals, groups, businesses, and management companies have trusted the entertainment lawyers at Hoover Slovacek LLP for practical, cost-effective representation. Contact our Austin and Houston law firm online or by calling (713) 977-8686 to discuss how the firm might benefit you.

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